Love, Me

what’s something you wish you’d been told when you were young that would’ve made all the difference? inspired by an iconic thread of advice on an internal listserv, some friends and I asked the women of our agency to tell themselves what they needed to hear. a love letter to my inner child. love, me.

we made a 1 minute trailer and a 2-ish minute film.

there were a lot of people involved in the making of this project, and they were all essential. here are the credits!

Director/Director of Photography: Kristin Gladney
Camera Operator: Mars Alba
Sound Mixer: Carol Yan Li

Creatives: Emmaline Price, Funmi Adejobi
Designer: Malithi Gunawardena
Producer: Marieme Sall

Editorial: JOINT NY
Executive Producer, Joint NY: Michelle Carman
Editors: Maliyamungu Muhande, Matt Burke
Assistant Editor: Elaine Green
Assistant Editor: Thomas Gilson
Assistant Editor: Eddy Rigaud
Motion Designer: Elise Dyck

Finishing: JOINT PDX
Head of Production, Joint PDX: Catherine Liu
Audio Engineer: Candace Mortier

Colorist: Courtney Feemster