Dear Car Girl,

for International Women’s Day 2024, we helped Ford write a letter to Car Girls everywhere, thanking them for following their passions even when the world would rather they be different. 

we worked with 4 women in auto we admire to do a reading of the letter.

(it kind of did numbers on TikTok) (you can pay for views (we did) but you can’t pay for all them likes!)

- the Q&As we did with each woman to get to know them a bit better
- the print (not dead!) placement
- the social prompt that got people sharing touching missives about the person who inspired them to become a car girl on FB
- the thank you gift we sent to hundreds of women in auto

made at wieden+kennedy ny with
art director: madi ko
producer: rodrigo niño
director: jihye ku
and editor: laura bermudez