Funmi Adejobi

the heinz packet roller

at the beginning of the pandemic, people started getting takeout a whole lot more, which led to a ketchup packet shortage. so we* figured, “hey, people might want to stop wasting the ketchup in the packets that they do manage to get their hands on.” enter the heinz packet roller: magically engineered to bring you every last drop.

first of all check this out, baby. i’m gonna retire. this is the pinacle of my career!!!

we worked with zagwear to create the pantent pending device.

(these are the instructions that come in the packaging.)

we announced it with a short film, released the same week as Apple’s yearly keynote in September of 2021.

and sold it online at read the copy. it’s cute.

we had some out-of-home.

including this 3D billboard at the Zouk in Las Vegas. we worked with The Marmalade to bring all of this to life. they were amazing to work with.

2021 was working hard, but our PR team worked harder. we got written up by all these places!

and people liked it! especially this guy, who we didn’t even pay to do this! 

CLIO Awards – Branded Entertainment and Content, Silver
Shorty Awards – Integrated Campaign, Short List
ACE Awards (KraftHeinz internal award show) – Insight into Agile Action, Winner
made at wieden+kennedy ny with leeya jackson.

*i joined the packet rollers project riiiight at the end of the manufacturing process. leeya and her previous partner, chase zreet, came up with the brilliant idea. my role included basically everything from then on – campaign, spot, website, ooh, etc. thanks for asking!