heinz dip&crunch

heinz developed a sauce for burgers. okay well actually it’s a dip. you’re supposed to dip your burgers in it...as you’ve probably gathered. there’s actually also one other thing – don’t be mad – there’s a second compartment that holds crushed up potato chips. oh, “what’re you supposed to do with that?” i know you are asking sarcastically but i will answer earnestly. you’re supposed to dip the burger, a second time, into the crunchies.

something interesting we found out about this product and the behavior of burger-dipping in general is that it’s pretty divisive. some people find it vicerally fucked up. some find it absolutely essential. (most people are neutral, but we’re not talking about those people!)

this is the insight we used to guide our campaign for heinz’ category-busting, first-of-its-kind condiment innovation – some will react to its wrong-ness, some will react to its right-ness, but everyone will have a reaction.

heinz dip&crunch. so wrong, it’s right.

we made 5 spot-lettes for social. our voice talent, aaron goodson, and our sound designer, julienne guffain, were integral to bringing this all together and making it A Thing.


the heinz clients are among my favorites because they trusted us to make these even though the scripts we sold all pretty much looked like this:

and it paid off! the campaign did super well. we got lots of earned media and engagement etc etc but the most important thing to come out of this was topping the ketchup category on am*zon 😌.

made at: wieden+kennedy ny
with art director: paria taheri,
CDs: Will Binder & Christine Santora
and prodcuer: ariana ekonomou