The Short of It

When I was in middle school I’d watch the Super Bowl with my dad not for the game, but for the commercials. And then the next day I’d go to Hulu when it was free and watch their compilation of every commercial that had aired. FOR FUN. Advertising wasn’t the plan. But, I don’t know, the foreshadowing was pretty heavy handed, so maybe it was always in the cards for me.

All I know is that at one day I was playing second violin poorly in Carnegie Hall, getting a standing ovation from Tina Fey, getting into a young Shakespeare company (and choosing volleyball instead), living in Cuba for 5 months, baking the same lemon meringue pie 7 times until I got it exactly right, (almost) moving to Arkansas, following my favorite band all over the world and then I looked up and suddenly I was here. Making ads. I feel so lucky to live this little life.

A creative writer, copywriter, and big-idea-haver, I specialize in advertising that doesn’t feel like advertising, and work that feels like life. I grew up in Queens, and now I live in Brooklyn.

I’m also known to my peers, fans, and enemies as a Scorpio, a photographer, and a clown (non-pejorative).
This is my most recent photo:

But enought about me. What about you?