The Short of It

I’m a multi-diciplinary artist and creative, but my main bag is a copy and creative writer. I specialize in advertising that doesn’t feel like advertising, and work that feels like life.
Currently: Wieden+Kennedy NY

Previously: Giant Spoon, Google Creative Lab, Airbnb (almost)

The Long of It: Where it All Went Wrong

The Pelta-Heller Files. That was the name of the Agatha Christie-esque serialized short stories a group of my 3rd grade friends and I would write about, you guessed it, our assistant teacher Mr. Pelta-Heller. Given that we’d known each other for roughly half our lives, we were taken with Mr. PH in the way that any 9 year old is taken with every new sign that their worlds are expanding. Anyway.

That man and the stories we used to write about his misadventures ruined my life. The Files set me on a path that would lead me to reject a career in medicine, thus forfeiting any chance I had at ever making Doctor Money, in order to “write” for a “living.” Unfortunately, while the Pelta-Heller Files laid the tracks for my love of meandering, and storytelling, and fantasy and words, it is also the reason I will never be able to own a home.