Ghetto Film School

we made a piece to celebrate gfs, and the work they’ve been doing for two decades to diversify the voices of the film industry. “talent is equally distributed; opportinity is not.” the spots are narrated by alfre woodard (!) and spike lee (!).

muse by clio

About a thousand people worked on this thing for free, and to all those poeple I am eternally grateful. Especially our brilliant editor, Aika Miyake, who stuck with us when the going got tough, time and time again. Look at what we made!

There are several stills and portraits that our photog, @kusumadjaja, took during production that, unfortunately, didn’t make the final edits. But they’re too beautiful not to share.

made at: wieden+kennedy ny
with art director: dan koo

and creative directors: karl lieberman & neal arthur